Does the HEPA Filter Eliminate Smoke?

Yes, BlüBerri uses a HEPA filter capable of filtering out particulate matter as small as 2.5 microns in diameter - also known as PM2.5.  PM2.5 are tiny particles in the air that reduce visibility and cause the air to appear hazy when levels are elevated.  Emissions from combustion of gasoline, oil, diesel fuel or wood produce much of the PM2.5 pollution found in outdoor air. 

Is the UV Light Safe?

The absorption length of UV-C radiation in human skin is extremely short so that almost no UV-C radiation can reach the living cells in the skin; all the absorption occurs in the dead cell layers, meaning it is completely safe to use in contained applications.  We do warn against looking directly at UV-C light source at close range, or for extending periods of time as eye damage may occur.  Always unplug your unit before replacing the filter.

How Does UV Kill Viruses?

In simple terms, when a pathogen (virus, bacteria or another type of microbe) is directly exposed to UV-C light, the DNA of the cell (its fundamental building block) is permanently damaged, preventing it from replicating. If a cell cannot reproduce, then the cell cannot cause infection, which is how UV light eliminates pathogens ability to multiply and spread, effectively

How does the UV work in the BlüBerri Personal Air Purifier?

BlüBerri uses proprietary UltraViolet-C (UV-C) LED technology to safely and quickly eradicate bacteria, viruses or any other type of pathogen which is present the in the air drawn into the unit, and accumulated on the air filter.  This minimizes the recirculation of active pathogens in the air directed towards you, providing you with your personal zone of cleaner air.