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Ultraviolet Light Explained

What is UV Light?

All light is measured by wavelength and categorized based on its’ spectrum. Ultraviolet (UV) light exists within the wavelength spectrum of light between 100 nm and 400 nm (nanometers).

The disinfection range of UV is within the 100 nm to 280 nm wavelengths, known as UV-C.

In simple terms, when a pathogen (virus, bacteria or another type of microbe) is directly exposed to UV-C light, the DNA (its fundamental building block) of the cell is damaged, preventing it from replicating. If a cell cannot reproduce, then the cell cannot cause infection, which is how UV-C light eliminates pathogens ability to multiply and spread.

The use of UV-C light in disinfection is also referred to as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI).

Setting up your Personal Air Purifier

Option 1: Position vertically to direct clean air upwards

Option 2: Position at an angle on the Desktop stand to direct air towards you as you work.This method provides you with the maximum zone of cleaner air

Option 3: Use the Air-Defector to keep the unit vertical, but deflect a gentle air flow towards your face.This method reduces the direct airflow, but keeps your unit upright.To adjust,
simply slide the rubber Air-Deflector to optimize your air flow and direction

Option 4: Using the Clip-Holder, clip the unit onto a seat pocket (backside of a car seat) or other suitable anchor point and insert the unit into Holder